Since I Became That Woman In You

Had you not been, my heart’s intrigue
I would still be, that artless man
Not a ‘wastrel ‘, in sickly-sweet league
Yet another pawn, in the sin’s, game plan!

I daresay, how my, thought transcends
Your substance, beyond your persona
Don’t wonder, when this, pilgrimage ends
I shall, be your, purer prima donna!

Who knows, who is, whose apprentice!
I live you from, underneath your skin
How a, woman fills in, a man’s abyss
An ounce of bliss, with a fist of sin!

See the, partridge lost, in the moon’s allure
And the, musk deer in, a spent virtue
Could you be, beyond what, I conjure
Since I Became, That Woman In You!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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