Do Come To Make Me Cry Tonight

Resplendent are my, sins today
Strewn all over, that mile, to spree
Why lusts, then heart, for pain’s melee
A bloodbath, of love’s rhapsody!

The twilight spared, the sun, not me
From the dark truths, of night’s existence
Not bliss I crave, but tears from thee
To fill, my chasm, of insolence!

There is no solace, in the dark
But a lingering, conquest of, the soul
Could there, be faith, ever so stark
As the one, of pain, heart’s cherished toll!

The enigma, of the, nightingale’s song
Who thorns, her heart, to soul’s delight
Why should, my angst, my wait prolong
Do Come, To Make Me, Cry Tonight!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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