A Faith’s Blood Affair

vikas chandra

How long, shall hold, this head, sinew!
Whilst a mob, awaits, a spectacle
“Fear is, the soul of, a faith’s virtue”
Hear the conjecture, of the falling skull!

Hail the glory, of the, holy gore
AllahuAkbar” sworn, to death!
A butcher, found a, new mentor
In the keepers, of faith’s shibboleth!

“Infidel” those, who made, slain man
Are the, saints of sin, and piety
Who hold, to hearts, Holy Quran
With the spirit, of dubiety!

Trumpet your creed, at ‘martyrs’’ cost
In belief’s bazaars, nothing sells, like fear
Only jihad has won, a conviction lost
In divine despair, A Faith’s Blood Affair!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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