Beautiful Time-Trodden Men

vikas chandra

Who make, a faith, of the aftermath
Of a life, in the throes of, sweet despair
They find, their way, off the beaten path
And dare, to bare, the creed of fear!

That unquenched love, that unspent spree
How smolders on, that flame, in heart
Which makes, these men, pain’s rhapsody
A class, of their own, worlds apart!

Who find, their solace, in the storm
And flaunt, the wounds, of life’s crusades
Don’t change, but make, the world conform
To the, faith of, reckless renegades!

The splendor, of their, fortitudes
Are gospels, written with, poison-pen
Who took, in stride, life’s vicissitudes
Those Beautiful, Time-Trodden Men!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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