Dying In A Free Land

The crusade of, seven decades
Is all but lost, in hearts and souls
With an, age spent, crossing barricades
Palestine pays, for its breaths, in tolls!

Mohammad saw, his land diminish
An ethos, disgraced to, caricature
“Who cares for land, cabals brandish
Politics of blood, faith’s conjecture!”

Vain martyrs blow, themselves to dust
As Arab brotherhood, dumbly waits
There can’t, be more a, sin august
Than your, dreams’ funeral, foe celebrates!

Two barren fists, sans, West Bank, Gaza
Just a hope’s deceit, slithering out, of his hand
Yet he, lifts the shards, of his spent chutzpa
Builds a dream of sand – Dying In A Free Land!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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