Trump And His Trumposity

Now struts with pride, American sin
At last, it found, a voice and face
The blackest enigma, in the whitest skin
Who blabbers truth, at bewildering pace!

Those who, love Obama, and his polished lies
Won’t value, the worth, of blatancy
A messiah, they’ve got, in buffoon’s disguise
Who dares to bare, American hypocrisy!

To sin is vice, but to hide is shame
Those who live to death, American dream
With senators’ sins, play a, naming game
Are Democrats Gods, do they, not blaspheme!

In the world, that trades, political correctness
And baptizes felony, as virtuosity
No wonder Americans, despise the finesse
Of Trump And His Trumposity!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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