Why Bishops Need Phalluses Too !!!

Did you hear aloud, the Catholic curse
“Bishops are, as chaste, as the crucifix”
As though, the rest, Satanic Verse!
Vatican ‘Ethics’, sells ‘Pious’ Politics!

Had you castrated, that little boy
And uprooted, that Satan’s toy
Vatican would, have been, so chaste today
Pope would, not weep, at sins’ cabaret!

It’s too late now, still all’s not lost
Tie a millstone, of sin, to their tools
For Divinity to pay, piety’s cost
Vatican should start, sodomy’s schools!

Don’t blame, the faith, but its travesty
Whose seminal sin, is, its SEMINAL taboo
May Vatican herald, new celibacy’s decree
“Why Bishops Need, Phalluses Too !!!”

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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