A Pilgrim’s Plight

vikas chandra

What, led the soul, to that abode
Where faith, pities, hope’s litany
Why sow, a sin, in a farm hallowed
To reap, the yield, of divine debris!

Where’s lost, that starry-eyed, urchin
For whom, God was, his supper prayer
He grew, to a man, to sin and sin…
Now a pilgrim, lost in, divine despair!

Life’s lone quest, is to, chase a dream
With the, myth of faith, and lie of God
And when, heaven is left, to redeem
Man barters, sins in, deeds’ façade!

Estranged, he stands, at destiny’s gates
A saint tangled, in a psalm, contrite –
“If faith be, a fear, that man creates
Why Satan’s wish, be a Pilgrim’s Plight”!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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