I Found My Solace In Your Storm…..

The age, of a wish, is a lasting sigh
Who sowed, in throes of life, that bane!
Daresay, those martyrs, “Never say die”!
Whose God, is love, and faith is pain!

Where stood, once me, my nonchalance
There stands today, your tomb, of me
The sweetest fruit, of your dalliance
Is no, different from, sin’s rhapsody!

You ain’t zephyr, I could rib with
But a willful gust, of a ruthless squall
That lasting love, is just a myth
I’m a graffiti, fading on, your wall!

Still better, is sin, than despair
On a, frigid night, a funeral warm
I shall endure, on a wing, and a prayer
Since I Found, My Solace, In Your Storm…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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