How We Invent Our Truths And Lies

The enigma, of that, faceless thought
Behind the, nameless veil, of belief
Is the prejudice, to which, we all sellout
The Holy Grail, of our leitmotif!

Of the many notions, that abound
The panorama, of our, perceptions
We choose the one, that’s most profound
To soul’s despair, heart’s discretion!

How we, baptize birds, in mind’s, gilded cage
Never determines, how they, tweet to the world
Unchained remains, their will’s, outrage
Who twitter, each truth, as a lie absurd!

Bread is truer, than the lie of God!
Faith a bigger lie, in truth’s disguise!
There ain’t greater, a conjecture flawed
How We Invent, Our Truths, And Lies!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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