When I Am You And You Are Me….

The epic mystique, of a grain, of musk
Enigma of, fall’s, bleeding spree
How the, sun dissolves, from dawn to dusk
In the day’s, solemn, soliloquy!

Which faith, is passion’s, lasting guile
How hearts’ belief, two souls transcend
Never ends, the chase to, that final mile
Where we, become one, when we end!

These yearnings, are no, sacrament
For indulgence, in the sins, of skin
But the substance, of our, souls unspent
Meant to be, each other’s, within!

Two pilgrims, in each, other’s shrine
One psalm echoes, love’s litany!
Lo and behold, two worlds entwine
When I Am You, And You Are Me….!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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