The Prophet’s Sin

There was, no fear, in a Godless world
Nor His henchman, to ordain his faith
Until one day, one wizard heard
From heavens, the voice of his, inner wraith!

Who founded faith, to blind folks’ awe
And decreed, laws of, enslavement
O’er heart, and mind, he crowned soul’s flaw
To invent, a new man – Sin’s Sacrament!

He farmed zealots, culled heretics
With heaven’s lure, perdition’s fear
He led crusades, etched blood-epics
God is aftermath, of faith and fear’s, love affair!

He left behind, a myriad legacies
Of men, chasing, God’s fear, within
He cured mankind, with faith’s disease
Long Live, Long Live,…The Prophet’s Sin!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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