The Soul Of My Soliloquy

Where ended that, this one began
That treatise, and this conjecture
How the, tangled thread, of a rosary can
Measure man, against his, mind’s stricture!

This sanctum, is beyond, that realm
Where voices veil, minds, hearts and souls
Here I let, my sin’s, flaws…, overwhelm
The virtual virtues, world extols!

I am, the boat, as well, the sea
And the, storm’s, looming mutiny
And the, towering tomb, of my aftermath
In the heart, of fall, maple’s blood bath!

A prejudice, caged in, pride’s discourse
A funeral lit, like a, Christmas tree!
A psalm, dissolved in, a sin’s remorse
Is The, Sublime Soul, Of My Soliloquy!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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