A Rosary Of Lost Time’s Tears

This lingering, mist, of the fall
Is a mirror, hanging, on your wall
Daresay, time tarnished, whose façade
Those lost recalls, of your rodomontade!

How cherished you, that kiss of death
To the chalice, spilling, bliss blasé
Smelt lavender, your every breath
No more, you are, that sin passé!

You dallied, with the, parakeets
O’er trysts, of broken, rhapsodies
Ain’t love’s, blasphemy, your deceits
Don’t glorify, a vain, disease!

What age, gave you, and took away
Immortal truth, and, mortal fears
Estranged you are, to the world’s melee
With A Rosary Of, Lost Time’s Tears !

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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