Palestine – Why Lingers On A Long-Lost Dream !!!

If this, is not, a coup d’état
Of a, million dreams, of Palestine
Then why forgot, the world, Gaza
Is it, just a ‘Strip’, o’er a, spent bloodline!

The legend of, The Promised Land
And the truth, of a, rogued ethos
Are bonded, by an, umbilical strand
Which bleeds, with two, sons’ pathos!

What became of, Arab brotherhood
Who’d vowed, by faith, to succor you
Now looks, thru you, as a stranger would
Eschew, a bygone, bugaboo!

A mourning mother’s, screaming sigh –
“What’s left of us, to now redeem!”
And moans, to new martyrs, a lullaby –
“Why Lingers On, A Long-Lost Dream !!!”

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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