How A ‘Sexist’ Bore A ‘Feminist’s’ Brunt !!

Never seen, a more, flagrant discourse-
“Why a woman, is what, manhood thinks!”
Or “I’m a martyr, not a, spent remorse”
In a war, of sexes, no one blinks!

A hard-talk, played out, on hard court
Beyond the, point of, penalties
How, gender prejudices, can distort
The symptoms, of the, same disease !

How world, divides o’er, a petty spat
Laced with, ethical hyperbole
As though, fictional, ‘coup d’état’
Only conquest, left, to extol!

The travesty, of our, modern time –
A lie is sharp, when a truth is blunt!
Behold its, glaring paradigm –
How A ‘Sexist’ Bore, A ‘Feminist’s’ Brunt !!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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