China Got A Brand New Christ

If not a, spineless, enigma
Then deciphers, what, this Chinese Fear
No faith, is beyond, Communists’ fatwa
Burn Bibles, to thaw their, cold despair!

God’s love, is ‘reserved’, for the ‘Sinicized’ ones
Raze ‘tombs of sin’, if they threaten, to sow
In eastern faith, western passions
As state’s fear, is above, a clan’s credo!

Lest the future, succumb to, ‘Vatican lust’
State ‘saved’ it, from an, evil creed
To Communists, it is, worth disgust
Any thought, that sows, democracy’s seed!

Lo and behold! Dragon’s coup de grâce!
In an outraged land, faith’s hideous heist
Xi is the, Communist Redeemer, alas!
China Got, A Brand New, Christ!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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