…And A Faith Changed Forever…

vikas chandra

When ‘Liberty’, pled for, redemption
And an, ethos felt, forte of fear
A nation woke, to the conviction –
“A faith, must pay, its cost, so dear”!

It took, a bunch of, Satan’s sons
To prove, to God, His Impotence
For the, jannat’s lust, jihad’s passions
Who got, sold to, pious insolence!

Was it, a faiths’, or freedom’s war
That baptized, in blood, a nation’s dreams
And left, in hearts, a timeless scar-
How fragile, is that faith, which bigotry blasphemes!

Who gave, a new truth, to shibboleth –
“Greatest is God – Allahu Akbar…!”
Man learnt, to pay, with every breath
The cost of, A Faith Changed Forever…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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