vikas chandra

Where strayed outcasts, those cul-de-sacs
No more, resound, whispers of shame
At last, sin’s farm, bore fertile cracks
To sprout, love’s rainbow, with a name!

An age was lost, to sublime fear
O’er gender roles, sacraments of sex
A heart, was a millstone, left to bear
By a soul, sold out to, moral-checks!

Besieged, in the game, of faith and law
A ‘sin’ prospered, in ‘wary’ nonchalance
Whilst ‘renegades,’ did brandish, their ‘flaw’
‘Sinners’ orgied, with ‘sin’s’ dalliance!

From the age, of dark, a sun did rise
Thru the prism of ‘sin’, lost freedom, beamed
Now a truth, shall live, sans lies’ disguise
Rejoice, rejoice,… A RAINBOW REDEEMED!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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