A Pilgrim Lost To Wilderness

vikas chandra

I left, new tombs of, senescence behind
To find, lost graves, of existence
Where left, a child, his oath enshrined
To a mother, lost in, nonchalance!

I found that bridge, after many dead-ends
Which lead me to, nirvana’s spree
Where heavens, kiss earth, and the rainbow bends
And swans, make love, on the soul of sea!

I lost myself, found Shangri-La
And that, Garden of Eden, which had banished me
In a fist of dust, my lost Mecca
Whispered ”Savor, your soul’s orgy!”

I stood where, once, a cradle lost
A bloodline, to the, world’s ‘finesse’!
And despaired, abysmal ‘evolution’s cost’
A Pilgrim Lost To Wilderness!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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