A Gay Priest’s Plight

vikas chandra

I swear! Won’t wait, at heaven’s gate!
Nor, in the queue, for Blood of Christ
But if my sin, is worth, this world’s debate
Let me, too repulse, my soul’s heist!

Whose doctrine, decrees, love’s litany
And the sin, I dare, to consummate!
Why faith is blind, to His epiphany
Who said “Love is Souls’ Magnet”!

I savor venom, from His Holy Grail
And count, the beads, of His love’s rosary!
If gift of life, be a, moral travail
I kiss soul’s bane, heart’s rhapsody!

My faith, ain’t fear, nor ‘divine decree’
Feel free, to arraign me, and indict!
A soul imprisoned, in a heart’s, free spree
Under lock and key, see A Gay Priest’s Plight!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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