Lest Malaysia Rot To Lesbia !

A faith, that sells, the Allah’s wills
And decrees, the deeds, of venal souls
Unfathomed, still by, imbeciles
Who pay in fear, sin’s sacred tolls!

A rumble in the, the pious land
O’er tryst, of two, debauchees!
Who tore to tatters, Sharia’s strand
And bared to bone, faith’s dystrophies!

Lo and behold! Stark spectacle!
Two ‘Sinners’ flogged, before ‘Believers’;
Thus a faith, affirmed, “Dare be infidel!
Sans Sharia’s sanction, sex is a curse!”

Yet again, God prevailed, with sublime fear –
His handy henchman, faith’s panacea
Sinners got redeemed, with a malice austere
Lest Malaysia, Rot To Lesbia!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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