Beyond All Truths Is A Lie Called “God”

That conjecture, of a holy fear
If not I am, then call me, a ‘lie’
Why faith be, my first, and ‘Last Supper’
And His Holy Blood, my sweet sin-pie!

Who baptized me, without my will
Whose conviction, did I inherit
I am a, faithful man, until
His debt remains, my soul’s, every bit!

God and faith, are fear’s, coup de maître
To cut to size, man’s destiny
Freethinkers get, “Sinners” epithet
Their existence, doomed “Blasphemy”!

From cradle, to grave, lives on, faith’s myth
To cage man, in his, fear’s façade
Man screams, out from, piety’s megalith
Beyond All Truths, Is A Lie, Called “God”!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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