Lesser Brothers – Uighurs

A faith, sold out, to economics!
Ain’t theirs, the sweetest, hypocrisy
Who shout from mosques, barren polemics
Then buy with dollars, handy heresy!

To mend the ‘maladies of Islam’
The Chinese found, a fascist cure
Re-education ghettos, to render calm
An estranged faith’s, feared conjecture!

The enigma, of the Arab blood
Which seethes for Syria, Palestine…
Is frigid, like a legacy dud
The relics, of a lost bloodline!

Rend hearts, the echoes, from Xinjiang
As faith’s fury, dares, a régime’s slurs
Whilst Arabs, give in, to Xi’s harangue
Forsake Lesser Brothers – Uighurs!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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