The Enigma Of Existence

If ‘Gaza’ be the, sweetest bread
And ‘West Bank’, long-lost soul, of a land
How could, then be, an ethos shred
Between two brothers; faith’s eternal strand!

Where sprawled, to hope’s hilt, once Palestine
Jews lived, with the burden, of a ‘Promised Dream’
Whose fortitude, banished, whose bloodline
Whose existence, did, who blaspheme!

That quest to be, an enduring face
On earth, to make, ones’ legends known
Existence is, beyond, a man, a populace
But the sin, of human substance, written on stone!

One’s blood, can’t erase, another’s being
No struggle avows, sovereignty’s pretense
No claim to a land, is worth agreeing
With The Enigma Of Existence!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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