How A Li’l Gay…We Made To Pay !!!

He chose to be, a naïve enigma
And the subject, of 4th grade, sarcasm
Until he met, his coup d’état
To sink in, civil chauvinism’s chasm!

How had, he dared, to comprehend
At nine, his instinct’s, blasphemy
And yet avow; graciously fend
A choice, beyond, his destiny!

Alas! Had he known, ‘statutes’ of sin
The ‘lawful’ forms, of love, and lust
And the, burden of faith, on a ‘sinful’ skin
He would have lived, not lost to dust!

A ‘stray’ angel, or his faith’s martyr
Jamel stood by, his heart, ‘astray’!
And bore his cross, on his ‘sin’s’ shoulder…
A Li’l Sinner…Sinned Away…
How A Li’l Gay…We Made To Pay !!!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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