When Glory Calls

How time led you, thru redemptions
And you spent life, to triviality
Seduced by the rites, of deceptions
Your nirvana, your insularity!

Those dreams, you farmed, in ‘puerile’ eyes
Resent your, being’s enigma
You ain’t hope’s worth, so long it dies
In the tomb of your, spent chutzpah!

If you still believe, in faith’s eternal seed
Do sow it, in your hopes’ debris
And let soul rear, in your heart, that creed
Which is ‘you’, beyond your fist’s fury!

Great men ain’t born, in wonder’s womb
But in workshops, of blood, sweat, tears’ hauls
Don’t squander, refine your, pain’s aplomb
Vanquish all walls, When Glory Calls…!!!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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