Do Remember Me As…

Do Remember Me As, a mad martyr
Not a man, in the mob, of gladiators
As a zephyr, who nudges, souls astir
Not a squall, who conquers, hopeless prayers!

Do Remember Me As, renaissance of fall
Not the spring, which trampled, the winter’s sigh
As a stark graffiti, on a busy, street wall
Not a billboard, barking, a lawmaker’s alibi!

Do Remember Me As, a beggar’s bread
Not the ambrosia, fodder of snobbery
As a bare whore spread, on a wrinkled bed
Not chicanery, veiled in modesty!

Do Remember Me As, a timeless song
Not an epic, of a million words
As a death, of a bard, who lived to long
Not the life of a dream, languishing in herds!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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