The World Became A Lesser Place

The willful vibes, of a self-made man
Who defied laws, of the reigning myths
The substance, of a lost caravan
Who invented, his own monoliths!

Since Trinidad, was too small for him
And Oxford not worth, his elegance
Set out, on his way, a lost pilgrim
Resenting ‘truth’, with nonchalance!

A faith-filled pen, and angst-filled heart
And an eye, for truth, and lies’ charade
An outraged man, a class apart
Who dared to be, an awed renegade!

“He ain’t anymore”, is a misnomer
How a timeless man, could time erase
Yet, sans Shaw’s soul, heart of Homer
The World Became A Lesser Place!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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