Israel– The Estranged Land Of Pious Pain!

The truth and myth, of ‘The Promised Land’
Stares at the ethos, of that tribe
Who found its soul, by Mecca’s sand
Amidst a war, of ethnic diatribe!

Whose land is it, where fell, Christ’s gore!
Where Muhammad, soared to, jannat’s zeniths!
Where Moses, founded Jews’, sanctum’s core!
Three brothers estranged, by enigmas and myths!

Still Barechu, Azaan and, the Church Bells
Burst out, from the soul, of a mother’s travail:
“Those ain’t believers, but fanatic infidels
Who spar to divide, faith’s Holy Grail!”

“May God Prevail”, reveals her name
Yet she holds, deep within, Faith’s Human Stain
How destiny of divinity, became
The Estranged Land, Of Pious Pain!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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