Find Your Own Voice !!!

vikas chandra

Amidst a mob, bazaars of blares
Your bleat, in the sea of triviality
Yet another drop, in worldly despairs
Fulfills the flaw, of our ‘totality’!

In the carnival, of ‘dumb’-‘charades’
We mimic, cherished caricatures
In a world, full of, fugitive façades
Our thoughts, are lost to conjectures!

Be what you are, in your soul’s precinct
Not a roar, but a whisper, all it takes
For a heart-to-heart, with inert instinct
That streak of you, this world forsakes!

Stop rejoicing, funeral of your thought
Lest your poise, be lost, to the worldly noise
Don’t be that man, who world forgot,
Before cult, becomes your, ‘creative’ lot
Do make a choice, Find Your Own Voice !!!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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