How Iran Lost To Islam !!!

A fist of fury, is all that remains
Of the grandeur, of that Persia
Whose ethos reigned, the history’s veins
Now a tragic tale, of inertia!

Whence a, diffident faith’s, prophet decreed
“Infidels! Thou shall not last, another age
May Allah be your lord, Islam your creed
Else, perish in, Last Prophet’s rage!”

What ensued, was a shame’s epic
One faith’s debauchery, another’s fear
An ethos became, a time’s relic
A heritage reduced to, history’s souvenir!

An exiled race, strays without a face
Like the lost soul, of a haunting psalm
How a ‘faith’ brought, to this world, disgrace
How Iran Lost To Islam  !!!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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