Sweet Swindler! How You Hide ‘That’ Tear!

Last fall belonged to, only you, and me
When maple bled, its unquenched soul!
When bathed, our love, in sin’s orgy
And you named, my tear, “Love’s Hyperbole”!

And, when the zephyr, kissed your eyes
“It’s cold and misty”, all you said!
How I cherish still, your sadistic lies
For a woman, you are, so thoroughbred!

At your nuptials, why you, dared to call
A man who’d never, touch your shrine!
When you kissed, your husband, at the ball
Whose tears, you flaunted, yours, or mine!

In black, you came, at my funeral, Dear!
And I asked whose pain, would now, you bear!
You smiled : “Don’t we cry, at a, Dead Man’s Prayer”
Sweet Swindler! How You Hide ‘That’ Tear!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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