The Night Of Broken Rhapsody

Yearnings strewn, on a wrinkled bed
And holden, tide of time tonight
I swathed with hope, a heart which bled
With day’s deceit, throbbings of twilight!

My window stares, at the somber street
With eyes of angst, heart of despair
Why the taste, of wait is bittersweet
And name of love : “A Sin Debonair”!

May I don for you, the pinkest lingerie
Or serve bare breasts, o’er golden tray
And if so wish, my goodness, you
Do wait till dawn, for my avatar blue!

O’er stabbing shards, of time’s insolence
I tread, and bleed, love’s spent orgy
Sans you, I carouse, unrequited dalliance
All thru The Night, Of Broken Rhapsody!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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