Somewhere In Your Thoughts…

Do ask your heart, if I ain’t, at all there
Whence you left me, to my destiny
If not a smile, a vagrant tear
That lingers in you; love’s lost litany!

I ain’t that man, who cried for you
You ain’t that woman, who braved love’s loss
Don’t call it now, a spent virtue
Whilst our soul’s together, bear its cross!

If your heart is not, beyond your hearth
That tomb, you hold, for your child, your man
Then the only sin, on this lovelorn earth
Is to blaspheme love, for a mean, mean clan!

That waif, who cries, in your heart, whole night
Indeed is our love, tied up in knots
A woman who spars, with a sinner’s delight
That strays like a kite, Somewhere In Your Thoughts…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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