Making Love O’er Rustles Of The Fall

When the rosary, of your aster beads
Lay strewn on, whispers of mystique
In wasteland’s heart, bloom yearning’s seeds
We rake o’er hearts, that long-lost streak!

The balmy zephyr, of the wild
Baptized in the blood of, twilight’s sin
In two hearts, one soul reconciled
Let the lasting tryst, of love begin!

As we lay, we lay, on a clearing gray
To quench our, smoldering rhapsody
Two solemn hearts, in soul’s foreplay
Resent this, sublime heresy!

O’er time’s decay, our soul’s orgy
whilst hearts empty, their miseries’ haul
As we smolder on, in the fire of spree
Making Love O’er Rustles Of The Fall!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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