An Ode To Death

Why the last breath strays, between heart and soul
With the quandary, of that human fear
Nirvana, sans death’s, haunting toll!
When it’s life, in fact, that’s hard to bear!

Had the phoenix, feared the scourge of flame
To not redeem, its seed in ash
Who’d baptize death, a sublime name?
‘Redeemer’ from, destiny’s whiplash!

That despised, demonized, castaway
We ‘banished’, from our ‘utopia’
Ain’t life’s nemesis, we’d daresay
But our savior, from ‘dystopia’!

Where ends, dirge of mortal ordeal
Death sings, a psalm of timelessness
If life ain’t our, Achilles’ heel
So is not death, Satan’s finesse!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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