Those Who Write For ‘Likes’

Now epics are made, of platitudes too
For world, believes in, what it sees
Beyond this fanfare’s face-value
Is a man, entrapped in, art’s ‘theses’!

What matters, and what matters not
Is decreed, by their ‘prodigious’ ways
Who call, a donkey, ‘polyglot’
If millions ‘like’, its abstruse brays!

If Wordsworth, were to, write today
He’d learn, new creed, of literature
The ‘sacrosanct’ role, now ‘likes’ play
To redefine, fine arts’ indenture!

From a culture, to a caricature
Art ain’t for, ‘disliked’ pariahs!
For the laws of ‘likes’, now conjecture:
Those Who Write For ‘Likes’ are Messiahs!”

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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