Don’t Swagger Your Shame !!!

Under painted façades, veiled artifice
Squirm all the way, miscellaneous souls
Are they worth our awe, or belief ‘amiss?’
These brazen ‘halves’, amidst snobby ‘wholes’!

What spurred these ‘aberrant’ enigmas?
To flaunt ‘sin’s orgy’, to ‘cynics’’ clan
Lo and behold, their vile chutzpahs
Yuck! Men in bras…, play out ‘Satan’s’ plan!

The leers and laughs of ‘mocking birds’
Who once pitied, hid, pled their creed
Unfurl, brandish, their ‘prides” placards
And flout to death, sexuality’s seed!

But this dare all, bare all, goes so far
As the despair, in sin’s ‘scandalous’ game
Why sell your ‘pride’, in brazen bazaar
Be poise’s avatar; Don’t Swagger Your Shame!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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