A Poet Passed Away

A timeless dream, lost out, to time
In the twilight, drenched, in day’s despair
Had life, not been, a sin sublime
I may, have lasted, one more year!

Would they, ever know, but do i care?
Who went away, to never return!
Who’d lay me, on a cold street, bare?
And kiss adieu, my earthly urn!

Who wrote me off, and what i wrote
Would wash away, the autumn dust!
Who searched, to death, life’s antidote
Yet died, to live, soul’s wanderlust!

As sun drips blood, in the chasm, of sea
A psalm breaks out, to stray and stray…
To be one, with its, soul’s elegy:
Ending sin’s orgy, A Poet Passed Away!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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