The Scent Of A Woman

Estranged to her, that musk, of hers
To me, a mystique, yet, of shades
The substance, which lastingly stirs
Conquests of love, lust’s escapades!

A zephyr, thru the, rain-drenched pines
A chalice, with peach, crushed in rum
Lingering yearnings, of past, valentines
No sin, as sweet, for years to come!

It’s all over, her fond recalls
Like a fury, which keeps, love aflame
As well as, the somber, psalm of falls
Sweet smell, of pain, that she became!

Yet far, beyond her, balmy skin
And the whiff, of menses, sighing fear
The Scent Of A Woman, is deep within
Her soul, which farms, a love austere!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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