The Road To Nowhere

Where I, had left, my pilgrimage
The trodden path, to destiny!
There, once again, I stand to gage
My steps, beyond, life’s heresy!

This serpent, slithering, in spent dust
Ever lures me, to that, enigma
Where, many tombs, of wanderlust
Sigh vainglory, of man’s, chutzpa!

Which tryst, I yearn for, in the end
Cherished vanity, of existence!
Where my heart, mind and soul, transcend
To kiss, my pursuit’s, insolence!

Yet, a myriad miles, I lust, I sin
For a love affair, oh! So debonair!
May a myth, now end, new one begin!
O’er scorching tarmac, a pilgrim’s, soul laid bare…
The Road To Nowhere!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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