The Saint Who Christened Cadavers

How feeding faith, to starving strays
Does solve, the gluttony, of your creed
Your Holy Ghost, loves castaways
To farm, in them, Vatican’s sin-seed!

You did, hurl bread, at ‘infidels’
But, not before, your holy pill
“In bible’s diktats, heaven dwells
And Jesus’ blood, shall cure your ill!”

A spectacle, in the City of Joy
Behold the, bankruptcy, of belief
Conditional ‘love’, was a mean decoy
To sell your faith, to trounced, souls’ grief!

The Pope, did beatify, her ‘wins’
For adding, to her, faith’s cyphers
She left, behind, legacy of sins
The Saint Who Christened Cadavers!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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