My Home, By The Estuary

How sublime, is this paradigm
Of the union, of three, smitten souls
One wandering, o’er the, heart of time
Whilst the rest, two pay, ever-yearning’s tolls!

There stands alone, on a pristine patch
Of reed and wood, Eden’s abode
No château could, ever scarcely match
A pilgrim’s hut, nirvana-stowed!

Kissed by wind, and blessed by sky
Love’s liaison, three worlds apart
How estranged hearts, demystify
The creed of sin, in a lovelorn heart!

What’s eternal, in the, loss of being?
Behold, me and river, dissolve in sea
How life is but, a love worth freeing
I see from, My Home, By The Estuary!
Where Two, Lonesome Souls, Kiss The Sea…

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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