Dare You Breathe Your Last Today

How heart would know, beyond its pain
A soul, too sighs, a lullaby
“You hid in me, sin’s cherished vein
Love is that pain, I glorify”!

As the sun sinks down, in the blood of sky
And twilight trances us, in gloom
I clasp you, to my heart, magpie!
Won’t you sing an ode, to your looming groom!

As night swathes us, in her starry shroud
And moon moans out, requiem of the day
You ain’t alone, with end, endowed
I too, die with you, everyday!

My Doll! Don’t fear death, don’t despair
You’ll last beyond, the world’s melee
In a father’s heart, his unspent tear
Dare You Breathe, Your Last Today!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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