Truth Ain’t A Debate

vikas chandra

Why put on trial, ‘virtue’s’ cherished child
And indict it, for blasphemy
Amid views deified, and beliefs reviled
Vain war of thoughts, waged by ‘cognoscenti’!

Had the truth, not been, a finessed lie
And lie, not a truth, so glorified
How ‘black and white’, could beautify
Our existence, so magnified!

Lest we make it, a meager, numbers game
And martyr truth, o’er referendum
To coronate lie, by another name
And carouse, a façade’s dualism!

With the showiest shout, pluckiest whisper
Pseudo-moral conjectures, we deliberate
Our truths, as true, as our faiths infer
Beyond lies’ luring bait, Truth Ain’t A Debate!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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