How Long Shall Sin These Castaways !!!

The litters of shame, the waifs of that race
Which tethered love, to its faith’s precincts
Could stranger be, a banished clan’s chase
Than the right to avow, its soul’s instincts!

See a rainbow bloom, in the scorn-paved streets
As ‘sinners’ bare ‘love’, dare the law
Like a myriad, redeemed parakeets
Tweet the sweet deceit, of nature’s flaw!

Amid faith, ‘felony’, and jurisprudence
Prejudice, stands to win, always
For faith and law, are nothing, but pretense
Two doctors, for the ‘malaise’!

Same love beyond, the ‘sinning’ skin
And lust beyond, ‘lovemaking’s’ ways
Lest the law disgrace, Cupid’s chagrin
How Long Shall Sin, These Castaways!!!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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