That Muslim You Hate

Nailed down, to mind, and heart, that man
Bearded, skull-capped, who awaits next Azan
Which thorn, you’ve sown, in the soul of your clan
Prophesied Bible, nor the Holy Quran!

What spurs ire, “Allahu Akbar
In the conscience, of your reminiscence!
The puffery of, last night’s massacre
Or the voice, of your, prejudiced pretense!

In malls, airports and streets galore
You flaunt bare fear, disgust debonair
For a faith, you chose to, slur and abhor
Which faith ordains, your pious despair!

What faith you are, beyond your creed
Which schools you, to consecrate
In the farm of fear, spite’s sinful seed
Which slays your soul, not The Muslim You Hate!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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