The Creed Of Man Is Misogyny

Had it not been, genetic prejudice
Or the ritual, of a social stain
Would woman, be the same abyss
In the world of man, paradox of pain!

What histories, taught to womanhood!
Mere man-made meanings, of the lot
From faith, to fear, to what she should
Believe in being, ‘God’s Afterthought’!

Destined to be, that anomaly
Who ain’t, beyond her existence!
Thus man harangues, this homily
“You’re in cage, of your own pretense!”

A sweet intrigue; a mean melee
The mystique, of Maker’s decree
A woman’s faith, is a lost parlay
The Creed Of Man Is Misogyny!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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