My Funeral Song

A whiff of smoke, a wisp of ash
Lest fail to tell you, tale of me
No wholesale hymns, no balderdash
Would do justice, to my soul’s fury!

No words, I leave, to cage that man
To the mortal bounds, of life and death
Who always yearned, to be more than
A carcass lusting, for each breath!

The strewn being, of an unquenched bard
See twilight bleed, o’er restless sea
The pilgrimage, of that lone boulevard
Which moans to death, my poesy!

The stoic silence, of my cold tombstone
A sweet sin lived, to love, lose and long
In the farm of pain, a joy’s seed sown
Lest you forget, My Funeral Song!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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